We provide legal support for our fund clients' trading / investment activities:

Preliminary Agreements

Confidentiality agreements / NDAs
Letters of intent / MOUs
Bid / offer letters / deal termsheets
Hold harmless / release / non-reliance letters
Finder / broker fee agreements
Engagement letters - financial advisers / professionals
Consulting agreements
QIB letters

Transactional Documents for Trading

Trade confirmations
ISDA and GMRA documentation
Netting agreements
"Big Boy" letters
Purchase, sale / transfer agreements
Accession agreements
Option agreements

Distressed Debt / Loan Trading / Bankruptcy Claims

Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) transactions (US)
Loan Marketing Association (LMA) transactions (UK)
Emerging market and other non-standard loan trading transactions
Assignment / termination / transfer agreements
Participation / sub-participation agreements
Termination / elevation agreements
Secured, general, administrative, and priority bankruptcy claims
Lock-up agreements
Forbearance agreements
Creditor committee / steerco letters / agreements
Restructuring / backstop agreements
Subordination / standstill agreements
Common interest / cost sharing agreements

Portfolio Asset Transactions

Private equity / M&A transactions
Leveraged acquisitions
Asset-backed, mezzanine, bridge, and other financing
Share / asset / LLC interest purchase agreements
Credit agreements / subordination agreements
Shareholder agreements
LLC operating agreements
Limited partnership agreements
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