Intimate Knowledge of the Client

At the outset of every new client engagement, your dedicated counsel will
devote the necessary time and effort to ensure that he has the requisite
understanding of the corporate / organizational structure of your fund and the
specific nature of its business activities (including investment strategies,
identities of its principal counter-parties, and the roles of key individuals).  
Commonly, this involves a substantial period of time (several days to several
weeks, as necessary) when that attorney works on-site with the client's in-
house counsel and management team.  During this time, the dedicated
counsel may

Review the organizational / formation documents of the fund,
management company, and other entities (domestic and off-shore, if
appropriate) to understand the structure of the client;

Review the PPM and marketing materials and meet with the
appropriate members of the management team to learn and
understand the investment strategy of the client;

Review the appropriate legal documents and conduct discussions with
the legal and management personnel to understand the particular
issues, priorities and sensitivities of the client, which will be essential
to reviewing and negotiating documents on behalf of that client.
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