Dedicated Counsel

We commit to having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney personally
handle (as much as possible and practicable) all matters of a given client.  In
effect, that “dedicated counsel” becomes a member of the client’s in-house
legal team (naturally, only to the extent desirable and permissible).  As
described more fully below, the dedicated counsel gains the requisite
knowledge and understanding of the client at the outset of every engagement,
and, naturally, that knowledge continues to increase with time.

The commitment of a dedicated counsel results in numerous benefits to our
clients.  It enables us to handle a client’s legal matters with greater
competence, because the dedicated counsel is able to tailor his advice to the
specific needs, requirements and sensitivities of the client.  The increased
knowledge and understanding of the client also enables the dedicated
counsel to work more efficiently and, therefore, cost-effectively.  Moreover, it
typically allows us to achieve a level of responsiveness not usually
characteristic of outside counsel.  And all of these benefits are derived without
the financial and administrative costs of adding lawyers to your payroll to yield
maximum flexibility for your operations.
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